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We donated 776 LED lightbulbs on behalf of our clients. That's an equivalent of 10,923 trees planted, which lead to $71,832 in savings for local nonprofits. (Summary of our 2017 Giving Report)
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WOW Customer Service
'WOW' for us stands for Way Of Working. Our Happiness Team is always ready to help you and be sure you are, well, happy!

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By combining electricity and natural gas in an Energy Value Bundle, you'll save on fees.

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Link to Good
Getting reliable energy and helping your favorite cause make a bigger difference in the community? Yes, it's a thing. It's social energy.

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Local Energy Supply
We're so local, we're probably related. We are proudly founded and run in Canada, available for you at any time, in your own time zone.
Link Rewards
Our customers get up to $100 bankable Link Dollars every month. See details here.
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Social Energy
Social Energy is the act of giving back to the community while energizing with Link Energy.
"We believe that what is good for business should be good for the world."
Interview with Link Energy CEO Wayne Burke
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Our clients love us
"While I was very hesitant to deal with the energy company that I am now with, Link did get me a better rate. My first experience with Link Energy was very good and I look forward to a good relationship with them!"
From Calgary
"Our Link Energy representative was very professional, explained the services and went above and beyond what we expected in terms resolving an issue we had with our previous energy supplier."
From Edmonton
"The social commitment aspect of Link Energy is the reason why we chose them in the first place!"
From Lloydminster
"We like the way Link Energy thinks. It's a fresh new way of offering energy at a great affordable price. We are happy with them so far."
From Calgary
Organizations that we've donated
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Customers get up to $100 in bankable Link Dollars every month. That's $1,200 a year that you can use in over 500,000 ways to save on local deals, popular restaurants, hotels, movies, online shopping, and more.
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