Letter from the CEO and Co-Founder, Wayne Burke - Link Energy
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Letter from the CEO and Co-Founder, Wayne Burke

Dear Link Customers,

First and foremost, we want to say thank you and further I want to say that I am sorry.

Thank you from our whole team and our community partners for choosing the energy company with a bright idea for a good cause.

Ten years ago, we set out with the ambitious plan to:

1- treat customers really well and give them great prices;

2- treat our staff really well so they would take great care of our customers and be able to support their families; and

3- to give back transparently to non-profits in the community as a function of every dollar of revenue.

My little brother Kevin suggested the name Link Energy back in 2012 when he was only 16. Our idea was to create social impact through the energy transaction by giving back with every flick of the light switch. Put differently, we set out to link customers not just with power and gas but with their community, hence Link Energy.

Together we have achieved over $1.2M of forecasted savings through our donations of LED lighting to incredible and important community partners like the Calgary Food Bank, the Edmonton Food Bank, the Wood Buffalo Food Bank, the Central Alberta Women’s Emergency Shelter, Winifred Homes, Hull Services and others.

Our many thousands of passionate and caring customers made that impact possible.

So again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Now the I am sorry part.

The COVID-19 pandemic rocked our business financially. It got worse when energy prices started to spike dramatically in Alberta in early and mid 2021. Then it got even worse when the conflict in Europe began.

My Co-Founder and I put in all the additional capital we could in mid-2020 and our banker allowed the Link business to continue to borrow more and more money through 2020 and 2021 so we could try to survive the storm.

We also tried throughout this time to find an equity investor or buyer for the business who could keep the dream and the company alive. After innumerable conversations and rejections we must admit that we have exhausted all viable options.

So, we are sadly winding down the Link Energy business. It is not yet clear since there are many moving parts, but we will likely have to declare bankruptcy given how much debt we have taken on trying to survive the last couple of years.

We decided that the right thing to do would be to give notice to our customers as early as possible so we have been sending emails, calls and letters by mail and will keep doing so.

Our team is trained and ready to help customers make the best decision they can in the circumstances.

My Co-Founder and I wanted to provide at least one smooth and easy option for customers, so we have set up an affiliate with a strong local partner, Sponsor Energy.

We have been admiring and cheering on Sponsor Energy for years now. Like Link, Sponsor is committed to impacting the community in a transparent way as a function of each customer sign up. Sponsor’s Calgary based team is also committed to providing wow level local customer service of the calibre that Link customers know and deserve. Their affiliate program even allows us to keep the Link brand alive as a trade name of Sponsor Energy.

For customers with variable rates, they have been moved over with no change to prices or terms in accordance with their agreements.

For customers with fixed rates there are lots of options.

Signing up with Sponsor Energy under the Link brand is one of those options. We have tried to get the fixed price rates for this program as low as possible to come as close as we can to the rates that Link customers are used to.

We are confident that Sponsor is also committed to the following goals:

1- treat customers really well and give them great prices;

2- treat staff really well so they can take great care of customers and be able to support their families; and

3- give back transparently to local non-profits.

We understand if you prefer to leave and again, we will do all we can to help you make an informed choice and minimize the hassles associated.

Also, again I am deeply sorry for all the hassles this has created for you and your businesses and families.