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When will I receive my first invoice from Link Energy?

Typically, the first invoice will be created 4-6 weeks from your enrollment date, as we wait for the actual meter reads from your local distributor.

Do I have to cancel with my current provider?

If on contract:
You should notify your current provider that you will not be renewing with them when the current program ends and that you have gone with a new provider. Link Energy will then automatically pick up your consumption at your end date. You will never be without power!

If not on contract:
We will take care of the changeover from your current provider to Link Energy.

Will my contract be cancelled if I move?

If you move, your contract is fully transferable at no cost, or the new owners can take over the contract. For Residential customers only: if you move to an area that is not serviced by Link Energy, then you will also be able to cancel at no cost. Please contact us at least 15 days before the move to ensure everything is completed by the desired date.

What if I have multiple properties? Can I get these sites to come on one invoice or will these sites come via separate bills?

This is absolutely your choice! Many people prefer consolidated billing due to the convenience and simplicity of having your invoices readily available in one place. Either way, we can facilitate whatever best suits your needs.

Why did I receive another invoice from my previous supplier?

This should be your final invoice for meter reads up until your start date with Link Energy.

What are distribution and transmission fees?

Distribution Fees are 'pass-through' regulated charges on behalf of your local distributor. Link Energy does not alter or estimate these fees.

Prefer to talk to us directly?

Our customer service team is always a phone call away.

+1 (866) 738-1992