COVID 19 Release - Link Energy


We hope that you and your families are well.

The Government of Alberta's utility bill deferral program ends June 18.

Customers who have accumulated balances for periods prior to June 18th must be in contact with our friendly Customer Service Team before their next bill in order to put in place a payment plan which can extend as far as June 18 2021 to make it affordable for customers to catch up.

Customers who agree to and honour a payment plan will not be charged interest or penalties and will not receive collections calls or notices.

We know that a lot of our customers have been affected by COVID-19 and the closure of businesses. We want to work with you to ensure you can remain a Link Energy customer for years to come and to also protect your credit score and good payment history.

Please call our friendly Customer Service Team today at 1-866-738-1992.

New communication in light of government announcement of 90 day payment deferral

We are wishing all of our customers health and strength in these tough times.

Rest assured that our essential services will continue to be delivered to our valued customers as normal.

Also, our friendly Canadian Customer Service team is working from home and eager to help as many of our customers as they can in this challenging time.

Our hours of operation continue to be Monday to Friday from 7am-8pm MST and Saturday from 10am-6pm MST.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, especially if you are struggling with paying for your services. You can reach us at 1-866-738-1992.

90 Day Deferral Announcement

On Wednesday March 18th the government of Alberta announced that a 90 day utility deferral program would be available to homeowners, farms and small businesses.

This program is available to Albertans who are experiencing financial hardship as a direct result of COVID-19; for example, those who have lost their employment or had to leave work to take care of an ill family member.

A customer must contact their utility and self-select in order to get the benefit of this program should they require it.

The 90-day deferral program is designed to provide temporary financial relief, and consumers that self-select will still have to pay for their deferred utilities as of June 19th.

This program came into effect on March 18, 2020 and will run through June 18, 2020.

You can view the announcement from Premier Jason Kenney in the Alberta legislature here, you can also read a brief description on the Service Alberta website and linked is a related information sheet prepared by Service Alberta.

Government agencies will be posting any further updates to the Service AlbertaAUC and UCA websites as they become available and we will also report relevant updates here on our site.

It is very clear that this is a 'deferral' plan for 90 days and that the government will not be paying people's energy bills for them.

All government communications and the Service Alberta site make it clear that on day 91, June 19th, the bills will become due and that energy providers will be encouraged to work out a payment arrangement with customers.

While this can be very helpful for some in dire need of support, ninety days of not paying the bill at all could get quite large for people, even if spread out over a period of many months.

Our encouragement to customers is to try to use as little energy as possible and to try to make regular payments to the best of your ability so as not to create a big balance that will be harder to work off later.

Of course some people will find it difficult to pay anything at all and may be struggling to afford food having suddenly lost their jobs in the past week or so with no notice. Others may be home sick or caring for a loved one that is ill.

We want to make sure that those people are aware of the Provincial and Federal economic relief programs available to them to help pay for all essential services and supplies through this tough time.

Employment Insurance for example has eliminated all delays to start receiving relief. Should you not qualify for Employment Insurance both the Canadian and Alberta governments have created programs to get emergency funds to anyone affected by COVID-19.

The links below should be helpful to those who suddenly find themselves going with low to no income.

Further, the Service Alberta website provides an excellent summary of the many programs as well as up to date reliable COVID-19 related information..

Income Support:

Applying for AISH:

COVID-19 Support:

Employment Insurance:

Additional Financial Support Resources:

We are committed to working with you to make it through this challenge all together.

Please do not hesitate to call our friendly Canadian staff who are working from home and eager to help everyone that they can.

We hope that you and your family remain healthy, safe and strong.

Wayne Burke
Link Energy CEO