About Us - Link Energy

About Us

Our Values

Do the right thing

Stay hungry, stay humble

Work hard, play hard

Together we give back

Senior Leadership Team

Wayne Burke

Cofounder & CEO

Wayne leads the senior leadership team and together they establish the company vision, short and long-term goals, plans and strategies for the business. Wayne is also the primary liaison to the board.

Steve Shoiry

Cofounder & CRO

Steve leads the sales and marketing departments and together they establish, communicate and implement all sales and marketing strategies.

Board of Directors

Wayne Burke

Wayne is the Cofounder and CEO of Link Energy. Wayne is concurrently Co-Founder and CEO of leading international broker DNE Resources and previously National Sales Manager at Superior Energy Management and Sales Manager at Just Energy. Wayne began his career in retail energy in 2004 with Just Energy. Wayne is a graduate of Concordia (Political Science), McGill (Law), a current Harvard University OPM participant and an active YPO Member.

Steve Shoiry

Steve is the Cofounder and CRO of Link Energy. Steve is concurrently Co-Founder and CRO of leading international broker DNE Resources and previously an entrepreneur in the mortgage industry. Steve began his career in retail energy in 2008 with Superior Energy Management. Steve is a Harvard Entrepreneurial Strategy Certificate holder and active EO Member.

Our Story

Link Energy was founded because we felt it was time for a change.

Every idea starts with a problem, and ours was simple: energy has become a commodity. We flick the switch, the bulb flickers on and each month we pay the bill (boring, we know). Now more than ever, the energy industry has more competition, more choice, more clarity, and more power for consumers like you. So how do you end up choosing a supplier? Is it the price? The customer service?

It turns out there was a simple explanation. The energy industry is dominated by a handful of companies that fight on pricing while still reaping huge profits from consumers. We started Link Energy to create an alternative.

We're here to reinvent the way we all think of the energy industry - an industry that we're happy to be changing for the better, for you! We believe that settling your energy supply should be simple and rewarding.

Lighting accounts for around a third of energy costs for nonprofits, which can take a big bite out of an already thin charity budget. To help address this problem, we promise to donate 1 LED light bulb for every home (or equivalent) to local nonprofits on behalf of our customers. By doing so, we reduce the energy costs for nonprofits to a minimum so they can make an even bigger difference in the communities we all work and live in. We call this social energy.

There's nothing complicated about it. Same power, different outcome.