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2017 Giving Summary

Edmonton’s Food Bank

It is estimated that a total of 5,285 kWh in annual energy usage will be reduced by switching to LED lighting, which represents $8,477 energy savings over the lifespan of the new high-efficiency lights. The lifetime reduction in energy usage is estimated at 71,100 kWh, which is equivalent to powering 7 Alberta homes for a year. All LED light bulbs have been provided at a discounted wholesale cost by Arani, a Canadian based LED lighting distributor.

'As Edmonton's Food Bank continues to explore options to reduce our carbon footprint, we are grateful for Link Energy's partnership in funding a portion of our energy-efficient lighting upgrades. Their generosity helps us to reduce our operating costs, enabling us to reinvest those valuable dollars into our mission of providing food to those most vulnerable in our society', said Marjorie Bencz, CM Executive Director, Edmonton's Food Bank.

Why did Link Energy contribute LED light bulbs? Well, as a matter of fact, it's part of their social promise. The company believes that settling energy supply should be simple and rewarding. It should leave you happy and warm-hearted. Instead of donating money, the energy supplier set themselves to find a different, more sustainable way to give back. More importantly, Link Energy wants to offer something tangible and practical that nonprofits in our community would benefit from so we can all feel awesome. Because everyone wants to feel awesome. As a matter of fact, lighting is responsible for a large part of energy costs for nonprofits, which can take a big bite out of an already thin budget.

'We founded Link Energy because we felt that a little social responsibility in the energy we use every day was needed. Our promise is made possible thanks to our customers who chose to power their homes and business with social energy', states Mick Kopis, Brand Manager at Link Energy.

Energy users just like you can take part in this initiative, here's how it works. Customers start by signing up with Link Energy to supply their energy by choosing one of the available energy programs in their area. At the end of every year, the energy supplier tallies up the number of customers by total energy consumption to determine the giving budget available to purchase LED light bulbs for chosen local nonprofits. The detailed formula to determine the giving budget is publicly available at linkenergy.com/en/giving-policy. The selected nonprofits then receive and install the light bulbs with the help of volunteers from the company and start saving on energy costs. Customers and nonprofits are now powered by social energy, as Link Energy likes to call it. Savings on energy costs help each and every nonprofit make an even bigger difference in the communities we all work and live in.

Interested in becoming a Link Energy customer? The company currently offers its products to commercial and industrial businesses in Alberta, but has plans to offer to Albertan homeowners shortly. With an impressive growth since its' incorporation in 2012, the energy supplier also expects to expand its footprint throughout Canada and even the USA within the coming years

About Edmonton's Food Bank

Incorporated as Canada's first food bank on January 16 1981, Edmonton's Food Bank is a non-profit organization acting as a central warehouse and referral centre for more than 230 agencies, churches and food depots. Edmonton's Food Bank serves over 20,000 people per month through our hamper programs, of whom, approximately 40% are children under the age of 18.

About Arani

With over 100 associates around the globe, Arani is one of the leading suppliers of LED lighting in the world. We deliver state-of-the-art products that have undergone strict quality control procedures. Our wide range of specification-grade lighting solutions allows entire projects to be designed using Arani products.

About Link Energy

Link Energy is a different energy supplier. We supply energy, but really we're in business to change lives. We're here to provide an alternative with great rates, WOW customer service, and a warm-hearted feeling every time you use energy with us. Supply power, give power, empower. That's what we do best. In 2017, Link Energy donated a total of 674 LED light bulbs to Edmonton's Food Bank and the Calgary Food Bank.