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Link Energy

An energy retailer with a bright idea for a good cause.
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WOW Customer Service
We understand that energy might be confusing at times. That's why our customer service team is always ready to help answer your questions.
Social Energy
We're committed to donating 1 LED light bulb for every home to nonprofit partners to lower their operational costs. This is our way of making a brighter difference in our communities!
Competitive Rates
We offer some of the lowest rates in your area, with our energy programs tailored to your needs.
Proudly Canadian
We're so local, we're probably related. We are proudly founded and run in Canada, available for you at any time, in your own time zone.
Energy Expertise
With over 25 years of leadership experience in the energy industry and an ever-growing portfolio, we are confident that we can offer you the best value.
Link Rewards
Our customers get up to $100 in bankable Link Dollars every month, which can be used in over 500,000 ways. See details here.
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+1 (855) 235-0107
Social Energy
Social Energy is the act of giving back to the community while powering with Link Energy.
"We believe that what is good for business should be good for the world."
Interview with Link Energy CEO Wayne Burke
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