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Secure Link

Secure Link is a Guaranteed Electricity Price that is a set rate option that provides control throughout the term of your plan. As the market will fluctuate, your set rate will remain the same.

In other words, your consumption will vary month over month while your set rate will remain the same.

You should consider Secure Link if you:

  • Have a low to moderate energy consumption.
  • Demand a greater budget control for energy.
  • Wish to simplify energy supply management

Flex Link

Flex Link is a Variable Electricity Price that fluctuates every month as the actual market price changes.

It is a consumption-weighted average of the wholesale market price for the electricity provided to you with a Service Fee. It’s a little different from your typical regulated rate.

You should consider Flex Link if you:

  • Have a higher volume of energy consumption.
  • Have an appetite for variability and budget flexibility.

Green Link

Social Energy can also be green, thanks to Green Link.

In an ideal world, we would all have small wind farms or solar panels that generate exactly the amount of energy we need to power our lives. But let’s face it, that’s pretty tough to do. By selecting Green Link, you are supporting clean energy and displacing emissions associated with fossil fuel-powered electric generation thanks to something called a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC).

A REC isn’t a product that is specifically delivered to your home or business but it is important to understand how the off-set process works and how you can participate in helping to green the grid. Getting an REC through Green Link is one step—and an important step—in the right direction.

There are two awesome things you will promote with Green Link:

  • Generation of energy via renewable sources such as wind, solar, hydro and biomass.
  • Benefit from the environmental upsides by reducing CO2 emissions.

You can select from 25% or 100% of your electricity plan from Link Energy to come from renewable sources for a small premium. The premium is charged on your consumption in kWh, so we make sure we get the right amount of RECs and green energy on your behalf.

Link Energy sources all of its green energy within the areas we live and work in.


About Link Home

Link Home is part of a new, different energy retailer available to homes. That’s Link Energy.

We understand that for most homes, energy is not always top of mind.

Helping you make your home better means delivering more than just energy. It means delivering WOW customer service and making smart energy choices easy and clear, all while giving back to the community we both work and live in. That’s our promise to social energy.

Choose Plan

  • You sign up with one of our many Link Energy energy programs available and pick a cause that is close to you.

Give Power

  • We tally up the number of Link Energy customers by total energy consumption and plan a yearly donation of certified LED light bulbs to chosen local nonprofits.


  • The nonprofits receive and install the LED light bulbs with our help and start saving on energy costs.

Learn more about Social Energy

Energy Explained

Settling your energy supply should be simple and rewarding. It should leave you happy and warm-hearted.

That’s why we want you to understand your energy — given that these products can sometimes be complex and difficult to grasp.

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