Giving Report – 2015

Dear Customer,

Thank you once again for choosing Link Energy to power your business. As a Link Energy customer, you had the exclusive opportunity to empower the communities we both work and live in. We hope that you took the time to select a non-profit partner you wish to empower. We are happy to announce that 2015 was our most successful year yet in terms of charitable donations with a 266% increase compared to 2014.

We will be posting the results of our year’s sales and client nominations for donation to our non-profit partners on our website. A summary of this information is provided below:

Total flowing volume in 2015: 20,576,840 kWh
Total contribution: $5,049.98
Contribution distribution: 50% divided equally to all partners, 50% divided in accordance with client
Client nomination:

Charity Support %
Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank 44.7%
Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society 10.6%
Edmonton Food Bank 36.2%
Edmonton Meals on Wheels 8.5%

We have many exciting changes in 2016 as our business reaches new exciting heights. We will be modifying our social impact with a program designed to instate a longer lasting effect with our nonprofit partners and others. Instead of a strictly financial donation, we will be offering a consumption offset, such as LED light bulbs, to lower operation costs and create an opportunity to make an even bigger difference in our communities. Rest assured, our formulated promise featured in the donation policy will be met or exceeded with these changes. We will be announcing more exciting details at a future date.

Thank you for your continued support in Link Energy as we redefine the energy industry, one kilowatt at a time.


Wayne Burke
Link Energy